Ensuring Birthdays For Homeless Kids

Tammy Kubo
Tammy Kubo

(KHNL) - Imagine living your childhood without a single party to celebrate your birthday. That's the prospect hundreds of homeless children face in our islands, each year.

On the final Saturday of each month, volunteer coordinator, Tammy Kubo, helps throw special parties. For some children, it is a party of a lifetime.

''No, it's more than just a birthday party, self esteem, much more than a birthday party..., it's a celebration of another year of life," Tammy Kubo.

''Once i came here i got hooked, I come here three times a week to see the kids." Kubo acknowledges, she doesn't do this alone. Maui Divers donated 700 dollars, as well as helped assemble a hundred grab bags.

The organization, Birthday Wishes Incorporated reports, many parents who find themselves homeless do not even acknowledge their child's birthday, as they are ashamed cannot provide such a basic moment of joy for their child.

Lloyd Saltiban, "It means a lot things to my daughter. She had a birthday party here and i've seen her enjoy herself here and made a lot of friends."

''I hope these children always remember people cared for them... They'll grow up to be good adults and hopefully this will lay that path." adults who will, perhaps, pay-it-forward, when their time comes.