Boca Hawaii

Raul Boca
Raul Boca

Billy V: You're watching this and you want to get active and you're thinking cycling or triathlons might be for you. You want to know who to talk to get started? We're talking to the owner and director of Boca Hawaii Raul Boca; tell us what's going on here today.

Raul: Today I have a group of triathlete, and today is a little different than the normal day days, today we working indoors.

Billy V: I would think usually you'd train outdoors for a triathlon, why indoors?

Raul: We do train outdoors a lot of times, but we come here indoors sometimes to work on form and technique drills, and also it's a really,, really safe why to practice especially for bicycle. We can practice these skills before you go on the road.

Billy V: I notice I see cycling here but you mention triathlon so that means you do other things as well.

Raul: On yeah definitely we train people for swimming, bikes, run as a triathlete and also as a separate sport as well for swimmers, bicyclists, runners as well.

Billy V: As I understand you got started with training first, but now you have a Boca store. What's that all about?

Raul: It was something that came up a few years ago when had a first need to open a shop. We noticed the people that we train need gear and they need to fix their bikes and so on and we decided to open a shop it's been great we're having a good time.

Billy V. Now you do races and events?

Raul: We do. To keep the athletes motivated. We must create races and events to keep people training and be happy about it and also have a goal. So it's very important to promote the sport.

Billy V: Something to work towards.

Raul: Exactly, otherwise they have no goals and then you don't know why you're doing this kind of stuff.

Billy V: Alright, now if you want to set that goal and want to find out how to get active contact our friends at Boca Hawaii, you'll find them at 330 Cooke St.