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North Shore Surfers, Onlookers Witness Power Of Mother Nature

Chris Read Chris Read
Chandra Schlemmer Chandra Schlemmer
Brett Whitton Brett Whitton
20+ Foot Waves 20+ Foot Waves
Visitors Watch Giant Waves Visitors Watch Giant Waves

By Leland Kim

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - Traffic crawled along the North Shore, as people flocked to see some major waves.

"It's a lot bigger than I've ever seen here," said Chris Read, a visitor from California. "Pretty powerful."

"We were hoping while we were out here, we'd see big sets like this," said Erin Manning, a visitor also from California. "They've been big and powerful."

Even people who live here came to check it out.

"As usual Waimea is beautiful and powerful as ever," Chandra Schlemmer, a North Shore resident.

And it was a surfer's dream come true.

"It was really fun," said Brett Whitton, a surfer from Australia. "There were some good waves out there. Good to get a good swell."

Whitton was among the many surfers at Waimea Beach, who braved the 20-plus-foot waves.

"Today was a really good day," said Whitton. "Nice weather. You know it got too big for my favorite spot over there, but it was a good day."

Still locals warn days like today aren't for novices.

"Along here at anytime, you never know, like when it's going to break," said Schlemmer. "If a sudden swell comes in, and you're too close to the shore, you can easily get sucked out."

And experienced surfers said, when in doubt, look to the experts.

"Just listen to the lifeguards, definitely," said Whitton. "That's the best bet."

Despite the risk, Whitton said he lives for days like this.

"It's always worth it," he said. "It's a magic place. Love it."

The power and beauty of Mother Nature.

Ocean safety experts advice beachgoers to look out for warning signs and, like Whitton recommends, check with a lifeguard. They said it's important to know your limits.

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