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Working For A Bad Boss

Tasha Alsufeary Tasha Alsufeary
Jim Lapinad Jim Lapinad
Rex Fujichaku Rex Fujichaku

By: Kristine Uyeno

(KHNL) - For many people, it's their first day of work for the new year.

Unfortunately, many are returning to their job, working for a bad employer.

A new poll shows a big portion of workers aren't happy with their managers.

According to the study from Florida State University, 39% of workers said their supervisor failed to keep promises, 31% said their boss gave them the silent treatment in the past year and 27% said their boss made negative comments about them to other employees.

We talked to local residents who say they can relate and even gave us examples of previous employers.

"She gets the job done and she make us do the work, but there was no recognition or no reward," said Tasha Alsufeary, worker.

"I applied for a promotion and he took someone else, that was hired after me," said Jim Lapinad, worker.

On the other hand, we talked to an attorney and asked what makes him a good supervisor.

"Well I try to make sure that I thank them and give then credit for all their hard work that they do, make them feel like they've contributed something," said Rex Fujichaku.

Others agree and say a good boss is also someone who's respectful and supportive.

But if you get irritated or discouraged by your boss, experts say it's important to stay positive because employee-boss relationships usually don't last forever.

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