Honolulu Firefighters Pushing For A Ban On Fireworks

Mario Calantoc
Mario Calantoc
Michelle Pascua and Beverly Fung
Michelle Pascua and Beverly Fung

(KHNL)-Many Oahu residents noticed something was different this New Year's Eve.

"I was surprised," said Mario Calantoc. "I didn't hear too many sirens or fires around."

Fireworks related incidents during this New Year's holiday went down.

"It wasn't as smoky as in pervious years, said Beverly Fung. "You know we expect usually this entire whole entire road all covered in smoke."

Although neighborhood Arial fireworks are illegal, they did make an appearance.

"It was a nice display," laughed Calantoc. "Just like Disneyland."

Although Calantoc enjoyed watching his neighbor's illegal fireworks displays, he didn't risk it.

"I had a ground display. Never had any Arial's," he said snapping his fingers. "Shucks, too bad."

The number of incidents is down, but that may not be enough.

"It looks like maybe one of the biggest weapons against illegals would be a total ban on fireworks," said Captain Kennison Tejada, Honolulu Fire Department. "So there wouldn't be fireworks coming into the state."

Tejada said a total fireworks ban isn't slated for next year, but Oahu may see it in years to come.