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Keeping Off Holiday Pounds

Dana Hershman Dana Hershman
Honolulu Club Honolulu Club
Fitness Clubs usually see an incease in enrollment during this time of year Fitness Clubs usually see an incease in enrollment during this time of year

by: Diane Ako

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Feeling a little flabby from too much holiday excess? Prevent the pounds from creeping up on you with a little change to your exercise routine. Honolulu Club Pilates teacher and fitness model Dana Hershman has come to recognize a trend in gym enrollments. "Most people, their resolution is to get fit and be healthy. That means signing up at the gym or a workout program."

In her decade working in the fitness field, she's noticed a spike in membership at this time of year. "Our membership has gone up in January. Then usually a couple months later it drops off. People aren't as consistent in class or private sessions."

One common mistake, she says, is overdoing it. "Lot of people think that you go hardcore, extreme diet and exercise, will get you, in a sense, fit. But fitness is a lifelong commitment."

Consistency is key. "Has to be a daily habit. Whether it's food, exercise, and the exercise doesn't have to be hardcore. It can be walking or stretching; anything to keep your body moving and supple and flexible."

She also recommends exercising your soul! "I even recommend meditative work where you're internally focusing on yourself because I feel that's part of fitness too." A small change- but in a year, it could add up to a big difference!

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