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Reactions To Saddams Execution On Saturday

Hakim Ouansafi Hakim Ouansafi
Former Dictator Saddam Hussein Former Dictator Saddam Hussein

by: Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - It is being reported that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been buried. Saddam was executed early Saturday for crimes against humanity. He is convicted of killing nearly 150 innocent Iraqis following an assasination attempt more than 20 years ago. 

According to CNN, he was laid to rest before sunrise Sunday in the town where he was born, outside Tikrit.  Saddam's burial comes on a day of celebrations and violence following his execution.

Here in Hawaii, Hawaii Muslims gather for the start of a festival.  In addition to prayers and talk of the days commemoration, there was also talk of Saddam's execution.  Many have mixed feelings over the trial and decision for the hanging to happen on the eve of their religious festival.

But now that it has happened, they are hoping the killings will end in Iraq.

"Now we look forward to the future, says Hakim Ouansafi of the Muslim Association of Hawaii. Ouansafi says, "hopefully this will end the secterian violence over there. But we're not as hopeful when looking at the events there right now. I think this is going to increase the violence in a country that has been shattered."

Muslims were reluctant to talk bad about Saddam Hussein, even though many believe he was responsible for atrocisities. However, this is because their religion forbids them to talk bad about someone who has died.

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