Holiday Pet Safety Tips

James Blakey
James Blakey
Darcie Sharfenstein
Darcie Sharfenstein

Dec 30, 2006 10:24 PM

By : Stephen Florino

KHNL - Many use fireworks to ring in the New Year, but not everyone in your family enjoys the display.

Many pets will probably be scared of the loud noises and bright lights, but there are some easy things you can do to help them cope.

The number one tip is not to let your pet outside, unattended.

The Humane Society says the number of lost dogs and cats can quadruple during the holiday season.

"We've been wondering what we're gonna do with her," said James Blakey, about his dog Daisy. "This is our first New Year's with her, and there's been some firecrackers going off at night and she doesn't like them at all."

"Just keep all the windows shut, cause I think all the lights freak him out more than the noise," said Sarah Hitchcock, about her dog Duke.

Those at the Humane Society say that's the best thing.

"It's quite a scary time for pets and all animals," said Darcie Sharfenstein, of the Hawaiian Humane Society. "We really encourage people to keep their pets indoors."

They also encourage owners to keep the curtains closed or shades down, and suggest playing the radio or keeping the tv on for them.

A lot of pets also end up at the Humane Society, running away because of the fireworks, so make sure your pet has some kind of id -- either a collar or microchip.

All small tips, to help make sure your New Year's doesn't become a big problem.

"I don't want anything exploding near him, freaking him out or hurting his hearing, so we're just gonna keep it a quiet night," said Hitchcock.

"We made it like her den, she goes in on her own, and it's a safe place for her, so I think she'll be okay," said Blakey.

And so will you.

If your pet does get away, check with the Humane Society. They are the island's lost and found center, so chances are your pet will be there.