Drifters Get The Green Light

Tracy Arkakai
Tracy Arkakai
Aloha Stadium
Aloha Stadium

(KHNL) - Lining up drift racers on a track. It's something Tracy arakaki's been planning for more than a year.

Now he's on the verge of launching an international drift racing circuit called the Xtreme Drift World Tour.

"We're trying to expand drifting the level Nascar's at," Arakaki said. "There's a lot of organizations out there, but they're not very structured. And so we're trying to add a lot of structure and order to it."

Drifters race in controlled slides across a track. Winning is a matter or style not speed.

Drifting started in japan. Some say its now the fastest growing motor sport in the world.

"The skill level of the drivers was just amazing," Arakaki said. "Because every other form of racing avoids the vehicle going sideways, but a drifter that's what they look for."

Arakaki's group hopes to start a world wide drifting circuit headquartered in Hawaii. But they've had problems.

"It took us over three months and a special meeting by the aloha stadium for us to finally get the approval," Arakaki said.

It took time to get their engines started but now Arakaki's team says they're ready to race.

"It's great day," Arakaki said. "We finally got the approvals and this is the start of Hawaii finally being on the motorsport world map."