New Year Brings Stiffer Penalties For Excessive Speeding

(KHNL) - Drivers with lead feet, beware. Beginning January 1st, you'll face stiffer penalties, possibly even jail time, if you're caught driving at excessive speeds.

It's been a deadly year on Oahu's roadways. Eighty-nine people have died in traffic crashes this year, compared to 76 at this time last year. Investigators say speed was a factor in 44% of this year's fatal collisions.

Police hope the new excessive speeding law, which goes into effect at the start of the year, will slow drivers down. Excessive speeding is 30 miles per hour over the posted limit, or at least 80 miles per hour regardless of the limit.

A first-time offender could face a fine of $500 to $1,000, a 30-day license suspension, a mandatory driver's education course, and either 36 hours of community service or two to five days in jail.

The punishment will be more severe for repeat offenders.