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Hawaii Troops Vulnerable After Saddam Execution?

Munir Al-Hadad Munir Al-Hadad
Nevzat Soguk Nevzat Soguk
Marsha Joyner Marsha Joyner

by: Diane Ako

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Saddam Hussein's execution is apparently just hours away. U.S. military forces are on a heightened state of alert, ready for whatever the reaction might be. What might the backlash be for Hawaii troops stationed in the middle east?

There are thousands of Hawaii military serving in the War on Terror, and even more going to join their ranks. Just yesterday US Army Pacific officials announced there will be more Hawaii deployments to Iraq in the near future. Saddam's Baathist supporters have said they will avenge his death.

Some Hawaii scholars fear there could be an American backlash. Professor Nevzat Soguk, PhD, looks to history as a guide. "There might be a spike in violence against US military personnel in Iraq. But if the past is any indication there will be some reaction from Sunnis to the execution of Saddam Hussein."

Soguk is surprised at the speed of the execution. He theorizes it's a message from the Iraqi Prime Minister. "The Saddam era is over. The aspirations to bring Baathists back to power in Iraq have to be dealt with and forgotten."

Peace activist Marsha Joyner is active with the Hawaii chapter of CodePink, whose missing is to bring together "outrageous, provocative, and creative women" unafraid of taking action to create change. Joyner, who comes from a long line of military men dating back to the Civil War, says, "I'm against the execution. I don't think it will solve anything. In fact I think it'll create more tension, violence. Of course they'll be the target. Wouldn't you take it out on someone else?"

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