Prada Break-In Latest In String Of Burglaries

Candy Cody
Candy Cody
Assistant Chief Michael Tucker
Assistant Chief Michael Tucker

(KHNL) - From a saimin stand to an upscale clothing store, nothing's off limits for Oahu burglars. Now, Honolulu police are trying to figure out if several recent break-ins are linked. The latest victim is designer label Prada.

Candy Cody of Riverside, California loves her designer labels.

"I like Louis Vuitton and Chanel," she said.

Okay, so she's not a huge fan of Prada. But she does feel for the upscale clothing and accessories company, after a million-dollar break-in at its Kakaako warehouse Christmas weekend.

"I feel bad because, you know, like it's a business," Cody said. "And I think it's an insider job actually because they know where the camera, what the security system, how it works."

The retailer told investigators the burglars cut alarm cables and re-positioned surveillance cameras, then hauled away $1 million worth of merchandise.

"Once they got in, they were camouflaged from the street," Assistant chief Michael Tucker, Honolulu Police Department, said. "So no one on the street could see what was happening."

The Prada heist is the latest in a string of 19 similar business and residential burglaries in the past three months.

"At this point, it's too premature to call it a series," Tucker said. "We're investigating each and every crime to its fullest extent."

Police are keeping an eye out for the stolen Prada merchandise.

"Let me be as candid as possible," Tucker said. "If you're going to a swap meet to buy a Prada product, buyer beware."

Cody has her own theory.

"I'm pretty sure some of them going to end up on eBay," she said. "You know, yeah, everything's on eBay."

Investigators say businesses should use this as a wake-up call and double check their security set-up.

If you have information that could help solve these burglaries, call police.