The Gift Of Music

(KHNL) - It is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give.  It's the gift of music.

And on a day like Christmas, when few "voluntarily" provide that gift, we meet one Pearl City man who shares his musical talent freely as his "Random Act of Kindness."

A timeless wonder, 81-year old Ramsay Hishinuma, woke up early Christmas morning, packed up his guitar and music stand, and played the role of "Musical Santa Claus," delivering his annual gift to residents at the Pearl City nursing home.

''Basically, I feel good after this," says Hishinuma. "I fell very good that I made some people happy.  Because most of the people in nursing homes, they live a life of boredom, not much to do.  I try to liven them up," he says.

Denby Nakamoto is from the Pearl City nursing home and appreciates Hishinuma's random act of kindness. "He's willing to come in anytime, Nakamoto says." So, I said, there's nobody that comes on Thanksgiving and Christmas and he immediately said he'd be willing to and he's been coming every year on Thanksgiving morning and Christmas morning."

Hishinuma actually started performing during the Korean War, playing music for the wounded in Tokyo.

In this season of giving, he "gave his all" during a rousing 40 minute performance.

Hishinuma holds a deep connection with his audience.

''Basically, most of the residents are Japanese.  So, my specialty is Japanese songs.  I lived in Japan for 32 years.  I've been singing Korean songs, Hawaiian, of course, Okinawan songs."

Hishinuma turns 82 next July.

He says, he's gonna throw-down the holiday songs, as long as he can.

''As long as I can stand up and sing and as long as I can stay sharp," Hishinuma says. If you know of someone, who deserves recognition for their "Random Acts of Kindness," just fill out a form, and submit it at any Big City Diner.

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