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Ahi Prices Rising for New Year's

Mike Wilson Mike Wilson
Guy Tamashiro Guy Tamashiro
Ahi is in high demand for New Years Ahi is in high demand for New Years

by: Kristine Uyeno

(KHNL) - There are many ways we ring in the new year in Hawaii.

One popular tradition is to eat sashimi.

The question is, just how much will you spend for fresh ahi?

The price on New Year's Eve will depend on the market; how much and what kind of fish is available.

But usually, the price for fish does increase for this occasion.

"Once a year, you can splurge," said Mike Wilson, Nuuanu resident.

It's the busiest time of the year for fish markets like Tamashiro's. Right now, the cost for ahi starts at $9.95 a pound and goes to $24.95 a pound for toro. But, demand and prices will rise.

"Well we're looking for more fattier tuna for the top end so we're going to have to pay more for it," said Guy Tamashiro, vice president for Tamashiro's Market. "So my guess will be $29.95 for the top end and hopefully we'll get some below the $9.95."

At Tanioka's Fish Market in Waipahu, premium-grade ahi is selling for $20.95 a pound, but will probably increase.

Tamashiro says so far, supply for fresh ahi has been strong and it's expected to remain that way. And that's good news for people like Wilson.

"Now I need to put a pot of rice on and I'm ready to go," he said.

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