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Hawaii Remembers A Beloved President

Bill Mcgrath Bill Mcgrath
Joan Doyle Joan Doyle
Former President Gerald Ford Former President Gerald Ford

by: Darren Pai

(KHNL) - President Gerald Ford made his last official visit to Hawaii in 1996. He spoke at a press conference in Waikiki in support of Orson Swindle's congressional campaign.

"Competition in politics is healthy," Ford said at the time. "A monopoly whether it's in business or education or politics is bad."

Voters remembered Ford as a friendly man who was the right president to restore dignity to a scandal-ridden White House.

"He wasn't a politician's politician because he didn't know what politicians do," said Bill McGrath. "I think he got talked into being president. We needed change, we needed something different."

Others praised Ford for keeping his administration scandal-free.

"He was the clean president I think," said Joan Doyle. "I didn't care for Nixon. I didn't like what he did."

Ford's well publicized clumsiness endeared him to the public.

"I think that made him more adaptable to the ordinary person because they knew he wasn't perfect," McGrath said.

Twenty-five years after taking office, Ford said he used his time in the White House well.

"So when I became president, I tried to restore public confidence and trust in the White House," Ford said. "I think I did. I hope that's what historians will write about some 50 years down the road."

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