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December 29 2006

Resolving Problems

It's that last weekend of the year, that final time before we put a period at the end of 2006 and welcome in 2007. While we can certainly choose to change our lives and our habits by hard work and determination most of the time, many people find the brand spanking new year to be a great time to resolve to change some thing or some things in their lives.

That's fine, and maybe they want your help or maybe they just want to do it themselves. But as long as we're all resolving to do something bold like lose a bunch of weight, exercise more, stop that nasty smoking habit, be nice to the cat next door, or simply recycle those ever-present store bought water bottles, let's really make it a point to also be more grateful, more empathetic, more tolerant, more realistic, more intelligent, more thoughtful, more involved, and more worthwhile in Hawaii as planetary inhabitants.

What a concept- spending time on this earth trying to truly make a positive difference along the way. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. Good luck on your efforts in 2007. Think about it...

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