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December 27 2006

Something in the Air

A calendar should not dictate your emotions, your manners, your demeanor, and yet it seems there is always something in the air around this time of year. A certain joie-de-vivre, a certain joviality amongst all people. It doesn't have to be that way, does it? i mean, can't we be nice all year long? if it's in our make-up to do it for a couple of weeks annually around Christmas and New Year's, can't we make that an on-going habit?

So let the person merge who didn't put on his blinker early. Let the guy get in front of you in the grocery store line with only one item when you have 15. Let the frantic person in the mall have that parking space you were eying. Go ahead, try it in April, in July, see if it doesn't make you feel just a wee bit better, a bit lighter in spirit.

You see, I really believe that the spirit of tolerance and giving and forgiveness and happiness was meant to be shared year 'round. I may be na├»ve, but i think at the big planning table, we were meant to believe that 'tis the season all the time when dealing with others. Think about it...

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