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Shoppers Hunt For Post-Christmas Bargains

Jill Koide Jill Koide
Ashleigh Ito Ashleigh Ito
Guillaume La Haye Guillaume La Haye
Mike Harano Mike Harano

By Leland Kim

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - 'Tis the season for giving, and giving back unwanted presents.

"Here to buy a birthday gift for my brother, and here to return some gifts for my family members," said Jill Koide, a shopper from Mililani.

But some shoppers said they really cleaned up on Christmas Day.

"All the gift I got, I really like them.  So, I'm not exchanging anything," said Ashleigh Ito, a shopper from Nuuanu.  "I got like a camcorder, some shirts, a Louis Vuitton bag!"

With prices slashed throughout the mall, shoppers are on the lookout for something to catch their eye.

"I guess I'm looking for something for myself since I've been shopping for others this holiday season," said Koide.

"I was looking to buy a digital camera," said Guillaume La Haye, a shopper visiting from Canada.  "I have one but it's pretty old. So, today I thought I could get some good deals."

While some folks are shopping for themselves, others are here replacing broken appliances.

Mike Harano is looking to buy a new washing machine because his old one died.

"Just a couple of days ago, right during Christmas season, so it's kind of tough," he said.

Not exactly a Christmas present, but still a gift to his family.

While shoppers pound the pavement looking for that great bargain, one shopper said the perfect present doesn't come from a store.

"The best gift of all was spending time with family and just being with my friends," said Koide. "That was the best gift ever."

The true meaning of Christmas lives on, even after Christmas.

And on this day after Christmas, mall officials expect shoppers to redeem a large number of gift cards.  Stores sold a record number of them in November and December.

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