UH Quarterback Colt Brennan: Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan
Rico Canta
Rico Canta

Dec 25, 2006 07:06 PM

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Hawaii's bowl win now begs the question: will he stay or will he go?

We are of course speaking of UH quarterback Colt Brennan who led the Warriors in yesterday's victory.

With his amazing arm and some talented receivers UH quarterback Colt Brennan broke a collegiate passing record. 58 touchdown passes in a season breaking the old record of 54.

About his record Brennan says, "It would have been fun to break the record against Oregon State but for us, Christmas Eve at home, prime time,

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, for us it doesn't get much better than this."

Rico Canta was at the bowl game, "I think he did pretty good for the last game of the season and I think it's a good Christmas present for the people of Hawaii."

Now fans worry Brennan will leave UH a year early for an NFL career.

"I told everyone this that after the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl I'd answer that one, I'd figure that out."

Fans want to hold him back.

"I'm gonna come back probably, it's just there are things I gotta do. I gotta be smart best opportunity out there for me. Everyone would call me an idiot if I didn't see what the NFL had to say."

It seems like his heart is here. Brennan responds, "But like I said coming back to Hawaii my senior year would be a true blessing."

Fan Eric Anderson says, "For the sake of UH I hope he stays as long as he can and it wouldn't hurt to get more experience. I think you should stay in Hawaii. I love to watch him play and another season would be terrific."

Canta recommends, "Keep focussed, don't get, hurt keep doing what he's doing now. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes pros. We need you one more year man, one more year. Then you can do whatever you want to do."

Regardless of his decision he still gave fans the best gift ever.

Brennan Shouts, "Merry Christmas to all."