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Gifts That Keep On Giving

Elden Rodriguez Elden Rodriguez
Miki Brockner Miki Brockner
Gary Gushkin Gary Gushkin

By: Mary Simms

(KHNL) - It's something no one talks about, but almost everyone is guilty of.

Regifting-- giving away a gift you've received from someone, and cleverly disguising it as a brand new, thoughtfully purchased present.

"Guilty. Guilty, laughed Elden Rodriguez, Executive Chef at the Honolulu Country Club. "Guilty as charged."

Regifting in and of itself is questionable, even tacky to some. For other's, its a perfectly acceptable way to meet their holiday gift giving quota. Across the board there are a few things just about everyone can agree on.

"I think its a great idea when budgets are tight, especially Christmas time, said Gary Gushikin a Salt Lake resident."

"People have budgets and probably they need to show their appreciation for a gift received," said another Salk Lake resident, Miki Brockner.

In case you haven't heard, there are "rules" to re-gifting. <>

"The best rule is that its not used, said Gushikin. It's something that you've had but never opened."

"You know I don't think there's any rules," said Rodriguez, "I don't know why you have to rewrap it. Its not like the person who's going to get it knows, so I don't think there's any rules."

Above all, no one wants to get caught.

"I sure wouldn't want it to go the other way you know," said Brockner. "Where they would find out that I had regifted. It would be very embarrassing for me."

You'll probably never know, but lurking among your new gifts just may be a re-gift.

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