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Group Sends Message To Vacationing Obama

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By : Stephen Florino

KHNL - Hawaii-born Senator Barack Obama is in the middle of a two-week vacation in the islands. He's said to be considering a run for the White House.

While he's enjoying the sun here, his supporters across the country want to send him a clear message -- the answer should be yes.

The group paid for commercials to run on local television here in Hawaii, to show their support. Leaders say they chose Christmas morning, because they feel the best present would be for Obama to say he's running for president.

Obama has been keeping most of the nation on the edge of its seat by not answering the question -- will he run for president in 2008.

A group of supporters want to nudge him in the right direction by airing a commercial in his hometown christmas morning.

"Our ad is airing there in the hopes that perhaps he may see it, and find inspiration in the many of us across the nation, and in hawaii, who are ready to work hard for him and want him to run," said Kris Schultz, of

The group paid for the spot, and is made up of supporters from across the nation, including here in Hawaii.

"He understands Hawaii's unique needs," said Brian Schatz, the former state representative now part of the local chapter. "He visits here, he has family here, he grew up here, he knows our enviornmental needs, he understands the unique culture, he understands native hawaiian issues."

"The message that he gives inspires hope, inspires unity, inspires the sort of feeling that we need to tackle a lot of tough issues in our next president," said Schultz.

The ad is entitled "believe again." The group hopes it'll get people believing what they feel -- that Obama is the best man to run our country.

"We believe if he does decide to run, he will be the next President of the United States," said Schultz. "We just hope to volunteer for him and whatever we can do for him, we'll be there."

Obama said he feels he is a viable candidate, but would have to weigh the burden a campaign would put on his family. He said he would announce his decision in January.

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