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Public Supports Any Route That Helps Traffic

Russell Medeiros Russell Medeiros
Jolene Labbe Jolene Labbe
Possible routes Possible routes
Congested roadways Congested roadways

by: Stephen Florino

(KHNL) - The decision has been made to build a mass transit system on Oahu. But there are still questions -- will it be a rail line or bus system? And exactly where will it go?

There are two proposed routes on the Ewa end of the line -- the green and yellow line. The people we talked to prefer the green, but say they'll take anything that'll help alleviate the traffic congestion.

The traffic on Fort Weaver Road is constant.

"If I leave my house at 4 in the morning, I reach Honolulu about 6 oclock," said Ewa Beach resident Sefa Levy. "It's very bad."

Mass transit is supposed to help fix that. But parts of the route must still be chosen.

The green route runs along Saratoga Avenue, to the planned North-South road, then up Farrington Highway.

"I'd use that," said Levy. "I'd park my car and jump in the train."

"Probably just relieve a lot of traffic, and lot of people can catch the rail better, said Makakilo resident Russell Medeiros.

Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann also likes the green route, because it would run near future developments.

The yellow route was favored by the council's transportation and planning committee. It runs along Farrington Highway, and gives a straight shot into town. But it would make it less accessible for those in Ewa Beach.

"I would probably try it out," said Ewa Beach resident Jolene Labbe. "But I still feel it would be a problem getting out of Ewa Beach, which is the main problem right now."

A problem that will hopefully come to an end with a great idea.

"They should run it to Ford Island, connect to town," said Makakilo resident Roland Pacudan. "So all from Ewa Beach can go that way, and coming back they don't have to share the same highway."

As long as it'll help traffic.

The Salt Lake area also has two proposed routes. One would run along Kamehameha Highway. The other, along Salt Lake Boulevard.

The mayor wants to choose the alignments by February, so the council can vote on it.

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