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Olwen Huxley
Olwen Huxley
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent

(KHNL) - After long days of delays what's a few more minutes. Olwen Huxley says, "It's very hard to get into the Christmas spirit when your other half and the whole reason you are doing Christmas is thousand of miles away stuck in snow."

United Airlines first direct flight landed four days and three hours late.

Family members held arriving passengers like there was no tomorrow.

No sign of her family, Olwen Huxley waits anxiously.

"Kinda panic stricken because his birthday is on the 24th so not only is Christmas potentially ruined but so is his birthday."

Suddenly boyfriend Ted Nugent and his kids appear, "Aloha. Oh God what an adventure. I feel like Gilligan on a 3 hour tour."

Nugent explains Denver was supposed to be just a quick turn-around. "No sooner did I get there to pick them up, the airport closed and we were told we were on our own. That was Wednesday about 10 am and we have been on our own ever since."

But Nugent says he and the kids made the best of it. These guys are great and they are wonderful kids and it's really easy to be cheerful when you have these two helpers. I knew in the end we'd have Christmas in Hawaii."

Sadly many families stuck in Denver won't make it to their holiday.