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Tips For Homeowners To Avoid High Property Taxes

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Dec 21, 2006 08:45 PM

By: Mary Simms

(KHNL) - Most Oahu homeowners have received property tax assesments by now. And in most cases they came with large increases. The assessments themselves aren't bills, but you will eventually pay property taxes based on these new evaluations.

"It's kinda the "grinch" who stole christmas i just got my property tax assessment and noticed from last year to this year, the property went up 60,000 dollars."

The county bases assesments on market value, recent sales history, and improvements.  

The Hawaii headquarters of the Baha'i Faith didn't receive a tax notice assessment in the mail that will cause them concern, because as a non-profit organization, they don't pay property taxes.

However, their neighbors to the left and the right in Nu'uanu have told us they have reason to be concerned.

"What shocking news we got. It's kinda of outrageous. Although they get a break here staff members are dealing with assesments at their own homes.  We received a pretty hefty increase."

Last year after checking recent sales, his wife decided to appeal.  She went through an appeals process of several months.   

It's a matter of comparing the houses around you, make sure that your house and the one around you are priced the same.

If you're wondering what your assesment will equate to in dollar bills, you'll have to wait. The city council will set tax rates next spring. 

If you decide to file an appeal, you must send it in along with 25 dollars, postmarked by january 16th. Also, you still have to make your payment in full and on time. Otherwise, you could face penalties.

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