Home Rented by "Lost" Actress Destroyed By Fire

Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly

By Mary Simms

KAILUA (KHNL) - One Christmas decoration and one string of lights is almost all that's left at a home on Iana Street.

"When the firefighters arrived we were being told by neighbors that the three people who lived here were unaccounted for," said Captain Kenison Tejada, Honolulu Fire Department.

"One of the vehicles was at home so that was our first concern. The building was fully involved. All parts of the house were fully involved with fire."

Neighbors say they woke up to loud crackling, barking and alarms; and that they tried to help, but bars on the windows prevented them from getting inside.

"By the time we reached here, the fire had been so involved already that the bars came off pretty readily," said Tejada.

Neighbors said the home was being rented by Evangeline Lily and two roommates. Fellow "Lost" cast member Dominic Monaghan came to the scene after the fire had been extinguished.

"In any neighborhood if someone's house burns down everyone's going to come out and be concerned. It doesn't matter whether you're a TV star, said neighbor Jessica Miranda, as she watched firefighters survey the scene.

No one was hurt.

"Nobody was found in the house, said Tejada." "It took us a while, but finally one of the residents was able to confirm that all three of them are ok and that they are accounted for. However, the House has been destroyed."

While fire investigators interviewed witnesses and surveyed the scene, neighbors speculated on what may have caused the fire.

"I wonder if it maybe had something to do with Christmas lights," said Miranda.

Firefighters wouldn't comment on the ongoing investigation, but stayed on scene to photograph power lines connected to the home, exterior Christmas lights, and the destroyed interior.