Fish Tales

One week we hear that the world's fish supply is quickly dwindling; the next week we hear hogwash, that's simply alarmism, and that there are plenty of fishies left in the sea, which is real good for local fish eaters and catchers. Ah yes, which expert to believe, which food fact news story to trust? it's bad enough that one week we're told to eat salmon and the next week we're warned about mercury, but many of the general food alerts that we get nowadays are simply nuts.

Actually nuts are good for you this week, but then watch out for the fatty nuts next week. Drink red wine, well, maybe not, since it's no good for your liver. Of course, watch out for antibiotics in meat, watch out for impurities in organic food. Chocolate, hey, now it's a health food, just like coffee, which used to be bad for you due to the caffeine.

Bottom line- broccoli, blueberries, almonds- they're healthy--that's it. So, enjoy the holidays. I can't wait for the day when they finally acknowledge that twinkies and ho hos are truly the best foodstuff for health- mental health that is. Think about it...