As the approval of the mass transit system on Oahu moves possibly closer to possibly becoming a reality, there are still concerns, questions, and caveats. Possibly a final vote will happen this week. And then possibly we'll have years of economic and ecological debate. And one day, possibly your grandkids will see the ribbon cut on this service.

We didn't need the holiday traffic nor the traffic surrounding Aloha Sadium on UH football nights to know that something has got to be done with the regular traffic on Oahu (and on the neighbor islands, by the way). One Leeward Oahu legislator commented, "just build it, please". Well, i think a lot of us would agree with that plea, but we really do need to get the best estimates on cost, usage, inconveniences during construction, parking at fixed rail sites, etc. And we need this data soon.

The good news for politicos who prefer to talk year after year rather than take action, the way this transit issue is going... And going... And going, they will be out of office long before we ever ride this thing. Think about it...