Leaning Pole In Kaaawa Worries Residents

Mokihana Waa
Mokihana Waa
Ned Kapika
Ned Kapika

KAAAWA (KHNL) - Some Kaaawa residents are concerned about a utility pole that's leaning, they say dangerously, towards Kamehameha Highway. We found about it through our Talk Story line.

"It's just going to be a matter of time," said Mokihana Waa, a Kaaawa resident. "Not if it's going to fall, when it's going to fall."

Waa is talking story about this utility pole, on this busy stretch of Kamehameha Highway near Kaaawa.

"Because this is a high traffic area and if that pole goes down, somebody guarantee going to end up hurt," she said.

She said it's become more noticeable over the years.

"It looks like it's leaning more," Waa said.

Others have also noticed it.

"It's a scary sight to see," said Ned Kapika, a Maili resident. "You know a leaning pole."

But neither Waa or Kapika has notified Hawaiian Telcom or Hawaiian Electric about this pole.

Hawaiian Telcom said it checks the poles on a regular basis. If there's a problem, they reinforce the pole or simply replace it.

Waa said if the pole goes down and closes off this section of the highway, it could be disruptive to the residents.

"And if I did have to go the other route, it would take me about two hours right around to get to Kaneohe," she said.

A downed utility pole could cause other problems.

"There's a transformer, three transformer boxes up there," said Kapika. "If it falls on a car or a truck, it could cause a chain reaction of the poles, a lot of people can get hurt."

In the end they just want to prevent a potential disaster.

"And you know when things happen, if there's a fatality, it always affects the entire community because we are a small community," said Waa.

KHNL notified Hawaiian Electric Company about the pole, and an inspector was sent to inspect it Tuesday afternoon.

If the situation is determined to be an emergency, a pole crew will be sent out to fix the problem. Otherwise, an inspector will prioritize this request among the many calls HECO receives.

The pole is one of 55,000 it jointly owns with Hawaiian Telcom.