Company Connects Families With Soldiers Overseas

Aryn Nakaoka
Aryn Nakaoka

(KHNL) - All it takes is a few clicks on a website and troops overseas can call anyone on Oahu for free.

"A lot of our friends who were deployed they had a hard time calling back," said Aryn Nakaoka, Alohatone CEO.

"So we were thinking we have the technology, we have the land lines, so let's just through this up."

Alohatone's web interface looks just like a wireless phone. Tthe system uses a broadband internet connection to link up phone lines on Oahu.

"All it is really doing is replacing the connection between your phone to the telephone company," Nakaoka said.

Alohatone hopes its room of computer servers will help island families separated by the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan.

"Right now their experience is they're waiting in line two or three hours, making a 15 minute phone call and getting kicked off and going somewhere else and doing it," Nakaoka said. "Or they're paying two or three dollars a minute using a phone card they're buying there."

Internet phone technology is growing but Alohatone said its not looking to replace conventional services.

"We don't see ourselves ever as getting as large as phone company," Nakaoka said. "We see ourselves as a niche management company."

As long as the troops make calls, Alohatone said it will offer this service for free.

"Hopefully they can at least communicate home," Nakaoka said. "That makes a lot of difference to a lot of guys."