Banking On Honesty; One Companies Business Plan

Alex Woo
Alex Woo
Maria Monsell
Maria Monsell
Rolando Dongon
Rolando Dongon

Pda's, ipods, and digital cameras. Just a few of the "necessities" most of us carry around at any given time. So, what do you do when you leave your high tech high dollar device behind?

"You can put a tag on the item that you have, and then what you do is register online, and when somebody finds that product, they can contact the ImHONEST program; and they will set a pick up for it and reward that person," said OfficeMax Store Manager Alex Woo.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans will spend 21 billion dollars buying electronic gifts this season. Topping that list are cameras, cell phones and mp3 players.

Maria Monsell is anticipating a very merry Christmas.

"I haven't bought any electronics for anyone, but I do think I'm going to get an IPOD nano from my grandpa."

If your lost ipod was found, would anyone know it was yours, or how to return it?

"I think it's just nice for the holidays that it rewards honesty. A lot of times people want to return products that they find, but they just don't know where to send it to," said Woo.

The nightclub industry sees a lot of lost devices. Barback Rolando Dongon says he knows firsthand how valuable a service like this can be.

"I think it's the greatest thing that ever happened because working at a nightclub, fortunately or unfortunately for a lot of people, there's a lot of digital cameras and other electronic devices that they may have lost or forgotten completely."

Registering your valuables is only the first step. The real test for service comes once an item is found.

Dongon isn't sure if a finder will be honest or not.

"I hope that person, or whoever finds it returns it."

If you lose your newest prized possession, the question you may find yourself asking is, "I'm honest, are you?