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Busiest Mailing Day

Duke Gonzales Duke Gonzales
Ed Thompkins Ed Thompkins
Jennifer Cole Jennifer Cole
Crowded Post Office Crowded Post Office

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - Post Offices across the state were at their busiest Monday.

All told, over three million pieces of mail and packages were sorted!

All that mail meant a lot of waiting.

In fact, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. After all, when else will you see people gladly line up with packages? To wait!

But, says Nuuanu resident Lynn Okamura "Its always exciting to wait in line!"

The post office knew this was coming, the busiest day during the busiest season.

"We really had to prepare for this day, we hired over 400 more people to help out and make sure machines are up and running." says Duke Gonzales with the US Postal Service.

Those machines include their automated service center, designed to keep people away from lines, which is even staffed for the holidays. But it's only taken in about fifteen percent of the regular Post Office business. That, hasn't made much of a dent in the waiting.

Why do people line up?

Some line up because its habit.

"We've been coming here for two weeks. Today, we had about seven or eight boxes for grandkids, you know, the 12 days of Christmas," says Honolulu resident Ed Thompkins.

Others, actually need special help mailing that partridge in a pear tree or other unique Christmas gift.

And some, are just not ready to make this a high tech holiday. "I'm not tech savvy so my boxes would probably end up in Antarctica," says Kailua resident Jennifer Cole.

So along with the trees, and presents, waiting in line has become a holiday tradition. Especially for those who leave things to the last minute!

"People are going to shop late and wait in lines, it's a tradition that is hard to break. I think we will always have lines," says Gonzales.

While the Post Offices were at their busiest Monday, postal service workers say, they should continue to stay extra busy until late this week.

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