Teen Driving: An Important Message about Safety

HONOLULU (KHNL)- 16 year Eric Sterman gets behind the wheel.

It can sometimes be a zoo out on the roadways.

Sterman said, "It's a little scary it is, coming onto traffic like this and stuff like that. Sometimes I don't know what to do."

The high school sophomore hopes to get his driver's license in February.

Larry Kiyohiro is here to help make that happen. He's a driving instructor.

Kiyohiro said, "The kids are realizing because the roads are very congested, particularly during the holiday season, it gets a lot more dangerous."

It's been especially dangerous on the roads this year.

On Oahu, there have been 88 traffic fatalities, compared to 72 last year.

Many involved speed or alcohol.

"They admire speeding, stuff like that and drifting because it's cool," said Sterman of some teenagers' need for speed.

Kiyohiro has had to change the way he teaches.

Besides giving students clear instruction, education and guidance, he needs to get an important message across.

"Kids grow up being pampered all the time, they think the universe revolves around them. You get on the road, you're the youngest, most inexperienced person out there. People expect better from you."

Hopefully, Sterman and others will pass the real test, making the right decisions when they're on their own.

He said, "It shows that I got to be responsible."