Lingle Unveils Budget Plan

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Building new schools and putting more money into homeless programs are among the highlights of a new budget plan unveiled Monday by Gov. Linda Lingle.

The governor wants to spend nearly $21 billion over the next two years to run state programs. She's also calling for more than $2 billion in construction projects.

Lingle's budget calls for an additional $142 million for the Department of Education's operating budget. She wants to spend $300 million on construction and repairs in the schools. That includes building four new schools.

The governor also wants to put $13 million into programs for the homeless, doubling the amount currently spent. She's also calling for a total of $65 million to repair buildings, units and elevators in public housing projects.

Construction of highway projects in the Department of Transportation would receive $339 million dollars. Improvements at airports statewide would receive $349 million.

Speaker of the House Calvin Say issued a statement saying he looks forward to the reviewing the budget in more detail. Say said the governor did not address how contract negotiations with public worker unions will affect the budget.