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Residents And Politicians Seek Lower Property Tax Rates

Bob Grantham Bob Grantham
Filemon Barut Filemon Barut
Property Tax Notice Property Tax Notice

Dec 18, 2006 06:07 AM

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Inside Bob Grantham's mailbox was his property assessment. "Mine went up 38 percent, " says Grantham.

A good thing if he wanted to sell but he's doesn't. Grantham adds, "And in the last three years my house right here in Kailua, my property taxes have increased 88 percent."

A big burden on a fixed income. "A lot of plans my wife and I made over the years for our retirement have to change because I'm gonna have to have money to pay these taxes."

The notices indicate the value of your home. The city council will set the property tax rate this spring.. Using last year's rate Grantham estimates he owes close to 48-hundred dollars. "It's really an unfair situation and it's putting a lot of people into some very severe financial situations. They are stuck with high assessment and it results in a very high tax bill."

In Kalihi families review their notices.

Filemon Barut says "It's bad news for me they jack up property tax again."

Bob Grantham says he'll lobby the city council after the holidays

"My friends and I are mounting a grassroots effort. We are gonna push for a bill that will limit forever the assessed value on property be capped 4 percent a year."

Today Councilmember Charles D'jou announced he will sponsor a bill capping property taxes at ten percent.

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