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Tower Records Closes Hawaii Stores

Tracie Matsueda Tracie Matsueda
Tower records closed its doors today Tower records closed its doors today
Customers crowded the store for last minute bargains Customers crowded the store for last minute bargains

by: Stephen Florino

(KHNL) - Hawaii music fans say it's the end of an era. Tower Records closes its three Oahu stores this weekend, after more than 26-years in the islands.

"It's unfortunate when we're losing a source like this, but it's what happen when time moves forward," said Don Lubitz.

Tower's parent company went bankrupt, forcing the sale and then closing of the music stores. One reason, analysts say, is the growing popularity of digital music players and downloading music. Another reason -- battling big box retailers.

"I guess the competition, like Circuit City, it's kinda hard," said Tracie Matsueda. "Especially when they have new releases from 7.99 to 9.99, i can understand that."

"Kinda bummed cause a lot of music stores don't make it in Hawaii," said Ed Haassenritter. "The margin is so ridiculous that there's no margin for the retail market."

With the liquidation going on for months now, most of the popular music is gone. But if you look really hard, there are still some interesting finds.

David Bess found his band's CD still on the shelf.

"I just noticed it here selling for a dollar, so i'm figuring whether i should buy it back or not," said Bess.

Music fans pick up the last of the Cd's and DVD's, leaving shelves deserted. They just hope this isn't a sign of things to come for music stores in the islands.

"It's sad," Haassenritter. "I hope something happens and someone takes over."

Another national chain is moving into the old Tower location on Keeaumoku street -- drugstore giant Walgreens.

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