Oahu Homeowners Must Pay More In Property Taxes

Rodney Hee
Rodney Hee
Robert Cobangbang
Robert Cobangbang

(KHNL) - "They have gone up up up." That's how homeowner Lori Griffin describes property tax hikes.

Today many East Oahu and other island homeowners started receiving their property tax statements.

Hawaii Kai's Rodney Hee fears, "I saw yesterdays headlines about property taxes going up 15 percent and I'm thinking OK what does that mean for us?"

The property tax is based on the appraised re-sale value of your home or condo. Most of the people we spoke with said they didn't want to know the amount.

Lori Griffin explains, "My theory is just I don't want to look at it. I'm afraid to because I know it's just going to hurt me."

Already local families are factoring the tax increase and figuring out how to make ends meet.

"It's just usually a juggling act have to rob Peter to pay Paul." says Griffin.

Hee adds, "One less latte I guess. You have to figure out what kind of things you really don't need and what things are just luxury items. OK we don't need it for another year or so."

Robert Cobangbang says, "I believe that as a whole we are paying a lot of taxes to begin with so it is just another increase we all just have to get used to. I guess we have to work harder to pay for anything on the island."

For Hee there is value in the price of paradise. "I have family that live all over the country and I'd rather live here and pay more for property tax than where I have to pay for heating oil."

To find out how much you owe log onto honolulupropertytax.com