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Teen Driver In Stolen SUV Causes Moiliili Mayhem

Jamie Kawamura Jamie Kawamura
Lt. Alex Ahlo Lt. Alex Ahlo
Richard Watson Richard Watson
Crash Scene Crash Scene
Parade Moved to King Street Parade Moved to King Street

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Teenagers in a stolen SUV crashed during rush hour Thursday and forced the closure of Beretania Street.

That same street was supposed to be the scene of a Christmas parade.

Police were in a pursuit chasing the SUV with lights and sirens.

The driver tried to pass a car right on Beretania Street. He lost control and rolled four times into this busy parking lot. And most shocking of all the driver is just 14 years-old.

The mammoth SUV landed in the Star Market parking lot on Beretania Street.

Witness Jamie Kawamura says, "This SUV Yukon was being chased by like 6 cop cars. When he was coming onto Beretania, hit the Mercedes and the Mercedes hit the telephone pole and the Yukon flipped and skid and banged this black Acura here."

It's roof is caved in and there is glass everywhere.

The teens stole it in a burglary several weeks ago. Police spotted it Thursday in Niu Valley.

Lt. Alex Ahlo says, "The initial sighting was at Kalani and Halemaumau."

Witness Richard Watson says the driver "lost control in front of Burger King hit the BMW, flipped 3-4 times, then hit black car. The driver all bloody, face, bloody arm tried to put up a fight but had 5 cops on him already."

A 16 year old passenger was also arrested. Both the driver of the SUV and the driver of the BMW were hospitalized.

But Watson says it could have been worse because the supermarket parking lot was crowded, "He almost hit a lot of people over here tonight. Plenty people was around took off running when they saw the car flip."

Because Beretania Street was closed due to the police investigation and all the debris in the road, the annual Moiliili Christmas Parade took place on King Street.

"That would be scary if we were watching parade from the sidelines and to be hit when it flipped over," a parade-goer said. "That would be kind of scary."

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