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December 15 2006

Tons of Junk

484. That's how many tons, that's right- tons- of garbage and debris have been removed from the coral reefs in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands in the past decade, according to a release from Senator Inouye's office. New legislation passed by congress will help us to better understand why this debris piles up, and ensure that the federal government provides the resources to deal with this problem every year.

But it's that amount that first caught my attention. Netting, ropes, plastics, etc. 484 tons?! that's 968,000 pounds- almost a million pounds of junk, or 100,000 pounds of junk per year! wow, that makes the beaches at Makaha or Kailua seem almost immaculate. All kidding aside, taking care of our natural resources and marine life is an essential part of that whole circle of life process. With these guaranteed funds, a better job can be done to trace where all of this flotsam and jetsam is coming from, and maybe the guilty parties can be identified, fined, or banned.

Ocean currents and the reality of man vs. Nature certainly come into play here, but 484-tons, that just sounds like way too much, and this legislation should help to lighten that load moving forward. Think about it...

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