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December 13 2006

School Rule

Last week's federal appeals court decision that confirms Kamehameha schools policy to show favoritism to Native Hawaiian children sets the stage for what many of us believed was the inevitability on this issue in the first place- a date with the u.s. Supreme court.

But the highest court in the land may simply reject this appeal, as it often does, without comment. For those who believe the school is guilty of racial prejudice, this is the last gasp. For those who believe that the Kamehameha schools rightfully provide help for a special group of people, the u.s. Circuit court of appeals decision is indeed a huge triumph. From the halls of Kapalama to the distant shores on neighbor islands, one can hear a collective sigh of relief... For now.

"...favoring students of Native Hawaiian descent, is legitimate and valid", wrote the court majority. While it is a resounding validation on a divisive issue, the vote was a narrow 8 to 7 majority in favor of the current admissions policy. So now we all wait for one final verdict, from this country's ultimate court, who will decide either way- through action or inaction- the future direction of this very special Hawaii institution. Think about it...

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