Family Reunion Decades In The Making

Kevin Lambert
Kevin Lambert
Nate Lambert
Nate Lambert
Father and Son Reunited
Father and Son Reunited
Nate Lambert's Mother
Nate Lambert's Mother
Making New Memories
Making New Memories

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - Meet Kevin Lambert's family.

Eldest son, Nate is the spitting image of his father.

"That's my son. He looks like me, he talks like me, walks like me, laughs like me," said Kevin Lambert.

But Nate wasn't always in the picture.

Circumstance kept them apart.

Nate was just a year and half, when they were separated.

Kevin had joined the Army and was headed to basic training.

His girlfriend at the time, Nate's mother gave him some bad news.

"His mother told me that her family was moving back to arkansas and nate was going with her," said Lambert.

That was the last time they would be together.

Lambert said, "I missed his first steps, his first words, all the firsts a father wanted to be apart."

It would take 25 years to find each other. Fate and the internet helped make that happen.

"I decided I'd google my name," he said.

That led Kevin to a website with a message that grabbed his attention.

"It said, 'My name is Nate Lambert and I'm looking for my father.' I lost it. I started crying," recounted Lambert.

Nate Lambert explained, "I was in tears. I was calling everyone I knew, 'Oh my gosh! I found my dad.' "

They met recently in Los Angeles.

Nate said, "At that moment, I felt complete. At that moment, I felt like something that had been missing was there."

Now they're together again on Maui.

Nate is getting to know his family he never knew.

They look through old photos, filling in the blanks.

They're also making new memories.

"Never give up. There is a timing and purpose for everything," said Nate.

"I feel complete. I feel at peace. I feel complete. I have my son back, my family is whole," said Kevin Lambert.