Kapolei Mom Pushes For Increased Bike Security At School

Michelle Kuster
Michelle Kuster
Al Nagasako
Al Nagasako
Kapolei High School
Kapolei High School

KAPOLEI (KHNL) - A Kapolei mom wants some answers after thieves steal her son's bike not just once, but twice in one week. And it happened during school hours at Kapolei High School.

Michelle Kuster bought a brand new trail bike for her son, to replace the one that was stolen last week.

"Both bikes were securely locked over in front of Kapolei High School," said Michelle Kuster, a mom of four boys.

It, too, was stolen on Monday from the bike rack at Kapolei High School.

"It's extremely frustrating," said Kuster. "I have four boys and they all ride bikes to school. This is the first place we've ever had a problem like this."

Kuster said part of the problem is where the bike rack is located: at the far end of the school. Still the bikes are in an open area, visible to the public.

School officials acknowledge there is a problem.

"I recognize the fact that we don't have as much eyes at that particular corner which is presently located, but we are indeed looking at moving it to another place," said Al Nagasako, Kapolei High School's principal.

Nagasako said, as a parent, he understands Kuster's frustrations.

"Oh, I'd be just as frustrated," he said. "My goodness after spending so much money. If I was a parent after spending so much money."

Kuster hopes there's a solution soon.

"My main thing is they move that bike rack closer because my son will not be able to ride a bike back to the school until that happens," she said.

After having $600 worth of bikes stolen, Kuster is not ready to buy another one until there are some changes at the school.

Cable locks, like the one Kuster's son used, are only recommended as a secondary security and do not come with guarantees. The most secure locks are "u-locks", many of which come with theft replacement guarantees.