Be Safe when Hiking in Hawaii

Jerry Simmons
Jerry Simmons
Jim Davis
Jim Davis

HONOLULU (KHNL) - News of stranded hikers in Oregon have been making national headlines.

Although Hawaii doesn't have severe weather conditions, hikers can still get stranded and get into serious trouble in local areas.

Especially visitors who aren't familiar with the terrain and aren't prepared.

"Well we brought some water but we left it in the car," said Linda Simmons, hiker.

Many times, hikers underestimate the conditions in Hawaii. Some people aren't aware the local terrain can be dangerous and overexposure can be harmful.

"You need to take water, snacks, maybe some insect repellant, which we had none of that," said Jerry Simmons, hiker.

But some hikers, have an emergency plan.

"Flares if you're going to be out where there's no people around," said Jim Davis, hiker.

Hiking experts advise people to stay on the trail, remain in a group and keep a cell phone handy.

Experts also say tell someone where you're hiking, before you head out. And watch your time since it can get dark quickly. If you're in need of help, call 911 if you can and stay right where you are. Experts say it's your best chance of survival.