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Kelly Hu Lends Star Power To Protect Hawaii's Reefs

Kelly Hu Kelly Hu
David Krupp David Krupp
Lance Bass Lance Bass
Carl Lewis Carl Lewis
Jason Scott Lee Jason Scott Lee

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - Hawaii is known for its beautiful waters and reefs.

And actress Kelly Hu wants to keep it that way.

Hu explained, "People come from all over the world come to see Hawaii's beauty and to dive and snorkel. It's a delicate part of our ecosystem as well."

Monday night, Hu and other celebrities lent their star power to launch the non-profit organization- Reef Check Hawaii.

President David Krupp said, " What we hope to do is promote community awareness about reefs and educate people about them."

From "Lost" star Daniel Dae Kim to singer Lance Bass.

Bass explained, "I met the Reef Check guys in Figi about three years ago with Kelly Slater and that's where I met Kelly Hu."

Hu also ran in the Honolulu Marathon to raise awareness.

"I have to say that finishing it was an unexpected emotional experience," she said.

She got a few pointers and support from track and field Olympian Carl Lewis.

Lewis said, "We need to think about the environment that's taking care of us. I think that the reefs are something that are so beautiful, but it's something that people don't understand because it's underwater, it's over there, it's somewhere else."

Hawaii actor Jason Scott Lee was also on hand.

Lee said, "You see an amazing decline in the diversity of our coral reefs and coastal reef systems."

Krupp says it's never too early to start preserving Hawaii's reefs.

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