Hundreds Attend Services For Fallen Officer

By Minna Sugimoto

(KHNL) - A Honolulu police officer is remembered as a dedicated family man who loved serving the community.

Hundreds, including Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, gathered for the funeral services for Solo Bike Officer Steve Favela Friday.

Sergeant Grant Moniz is a member of HPD's Solo Bike Detail. He's also Steve Favela's cousin. He describes the fallen officer as a humble, good man.

"Someone that you would want to bring home, as far as your daughter would bring home somebody like him, 'cause he's a great provider, just a great man," Moniz said. "And we're going to miss him very, very much."

Fellow officers, family and friends gather in Downtown Honolulu for the funeral services. State sheriffs, members of the military, and officers from police departments on the Mainland also pay their respects.

"This is a very, very sad day for law enforcement as a community," Chief Boisse Correa, Honolulu Police Department, said. "You know, we're saying goodbye to one of our finest officers."

Favela died November 26th, five days after he crashed his police motorcycle while taking part in the Presidential motorcade at Hickam Air Force Base. The 30-year-old leaves behind a wife and four young children.

"It's hard. They're being tested right now," Correa said. "But they're a good family, a very loving family."

Favela's HPD family gathers in front of the main station for a farewell salute. Solo Bike officers lead the funeral procession for their fallen brother, who was also a Coast Guard reservist.

"I'm still at shock that he's gone because we were just, you know, qualifying at the shooting range for the Coast Guard couple weeks before," Officer Ferdinand Tan, Honolulu Police Department, said.

In Mililani, the final goodbye. As the police chopper drops flowers, friends reflect on the time they shared with Favela.

"He was just an excellent guy, a great friend," Tan said. "You know, he loved his family, served his country well."