Deadly Results

It's nice to hear when our beaches are voted # 1 worldwide or our unemployment rate is the lowest in the country, but how about when we are at or near the top of the list in childhood obesity or alcohol-related deaths? Not so lucky you live in paradise, eh?

Over half of the fatal car accidents that occur in Hawaii involve alcohol and that makes us the # 1 state percentage-wise. What can you do? Well, aside from watching out for yourself, you should perhaps be a little less diplomatic with your friends or your legal-age kids if they have been drinking and plan to drive. I'd rather be thought of as an over-bearing parent or an obsessed friend rather than end up as a pallbearer. Inconvenience yourself and drive a friend home rather than listen to those famous last words, and i do mean "last words"- "nah... I'm ok".

The police force can only be in so many places at so many times, and the almost weekly alcohol-related vehicular death story in Hawaii is simply intolerable. Do your part this season and every season. Take the keys away; call a cab; pull out a futon and let them sleep it off; be the designated driver no matter what. After all, a mad friend is far better than a dead friend. Think about it...