USS Arizona Survivors Tour Memorial

PEARL HARBOR, OAHU (KHNL)- There were once 1,177 men serving on the USS Arizona. Now just a handful of those men are left. 7 survivors of the Arizona are in Hawaii to visit their ship, and their old friends. Along with the veterans, about 180 family and friends came to the USS Arizona today to pay their respects.

It was crowded this morning at the Arizona Memorial. When the old sailors got off the bus, they were greeted by a long line of sailors saluting them, while hundreds of regular civilians stood, watched, and clapped.

It was a clear day, like this one, when the bombs dropped. Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Joe Langdell remembers it well. "All I gotta do is close my eyes and I can see the whole thing over."

Langdell was not on board when his ship was bombed. "It's awful hard today. This was 65 years ago. I could've been one of those entombed on the ship and when my time comes I will be." Tears run down his eyes.

He picked up the corpses of his crewmen. "I had to go aboard the Arizona and take all the dead off. It was a gruesome job and it took 2 days."

Air crewman Glenn Lane also served on the USS Arizona. "I saw a torpedo and I said to these 2 kids, 'That plane's got a fish on it. The Army's got no torpedo planes.' Then it dropped the torpedo."

The blast knocked lane into the water. "Swimming in oily water, I swam back to the USS Nevada parked behind us. I climbed up the gangway."

Then the Nevada was hit. "She was sunk coming out the harbor. I'm the only man in the world, I think, had two battleships sunk under me in less than 2 hours."

His arms still bear the scars. Despite his purple heart, he says the real heroes are still with the ship. Fellow sailor Langdell agrees. "Remember Pearl Harbor and protect your country. It's the greatest country in the world."