Pearl Harbor Survivors Tour Oahu Attack Sites

Bob Chenowith
Bob Chenowith
Jack Evans
Jack Evans

(KHNL) - A tour group including Pearl Harbor survivors visited significant World War II sites around the island today.

The first stop is Hickam Air Force Base.

It was Hickam Field back then.

Bob Chenowith with the National Park Service fills in the details, "Most of the planes scattered and went to other airfields, this is the only one that landed here."

Japanese planes pounded this Air Force Base on December 7th.

Those on the tour learn original hangars and historic buildings remain.

Many bear scars of the attack. Deep bullet holes from strafing runs are clearly visible. They pause before a plaque with the names of those killed at Hickam Field.

The visitors ask the survivors a lot of questions. Survivor Jack Evans explains about the attack planes, "soon as we saw them we'd report them."

They climb onboard for the ride over to Marine Corp Base Hawaii at Kaneohe.

Back then there were dozens of Navy aircraft based here.

Japanese pilots put this runway in their sites.

Bob Chenowith explains, "Lot of people say the first bombs that fell during the attack fell here."

The tour continued at Ford Island with a visit to the U.S.S. Utah memorial.

The Utah lies on her side where she sank at about 8am December 7th, 1941.

Pearl Harbor survivor Jack Evans recalls the exact moment of the attack.

"I was on the 3rd deck of the U.S.S Tennessee where I lived. I was all dressed in shorts trying to decide go church on board the ship. I was thinking about it when general quarters sounded and that did it for me."

Evans doesn't need a tour to jog his memories of December 7th.

"Just something I'll never forget."