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December 1, 2006

Faux Earthquake Shake- up

I can't fathom what kind of misguided pinheads decided to perpetrate a hoax last Sunday by saying that an earthquake and tsunami were on the way, but what a complete waste of time, and what a disdainful disregard for common decency. Now that everyone beyond Mr. Science knows that you can't predict details about supposedly impending earthquakes, hopefully this silliness was a one-time insult to our intelligence.

This incident is yet another case of mis-channeled, mis-guided energy, like that displayed by the idiots who deface our buildings with their so-called expressions of art, and the pyromaniacs who start potentially deadly brushfires every summer. This false alarm wasted people's time, and the ripple effect was heightened anxiety as phone calls proliferated.

Hopefully, with the holiday season upon us and people in the spirit of giving and receiving, somebody will reach out to the self-satisfied person or persons who began this rotting, coconut wireless, force them to watch the "Wizard Of Oz", and then they can go get themselves a brain and a heart.   Hopefully, someone who was shaken by this event will be stirred enough to report these jokesters to the authorities now. Think about it...

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