Energy Alternatives In The Islands

Jim Maskrey
Jim Maskrey
John Morris
John Morris

HONOLULU (KHNL) - From wind turbines to infrared cameras, companies pitched what they hope is the next bright idea.

It's all part of Hawaiian Electric Company's energy expo.

"We try to get in cutting edge technologies, technologies that they would not be exposed to if they didn't have an event like this to come to," explained Jim Maskrey with Hawaiian Electric Company.

One of the big attractions was a big dish that provides hybrid solar lighting.

"It collects sunlight into a bundle of fiber optic cables and then that light can be distributed inside the building," explained John Morris with Sunlight Direct.

Morris says it's designed to save energy.

"If you have 40 lightbulbs, it can save the energy of 40 lightbulbs," he said.

At another booth, Jennifer Panko with Color Kinetics shows off the latest in lighting.

Easy on the eyes and energy efficient.

According to Panko, "It's going to last a lot longer than incandescent light bulbs because incandescent light bulbs have a 1,000 hours of lifetime, these have 50,000 hours."

And while the products may be different, the goal is the same-- to work toward developing renewable energy.

Maskrey said, "We're a remote island that's dependent on foreign oil. The best thing we can do is try to wean our dependency off of that oil and we've got a lot of resources here with the wind and the sun and the ocean."