True Fans ... Not

A wonderful crowd of 44,000+ filled the football stands at Aloha Stadium last Saturday to watch UH beat Purdue in thrilling fashion. Same traffic issues we've had for 30-plus years, same availability of pay-per-view we've had for five years. It's just too bad that it took a national ranking and lots of publicity about our offense and our quarterback to bring out these extra fans.

Maybe now people will stop blaming pay-per-view and will look at the facts when they write their excuse-filled stories about why we don't get more people at the games against Louisiana Tech and UNLV. This Saturday's UH/Oregon State game is available for free, on ESPN, so why is this game going to draw almost 50,000 people? tv simply shows a lot of people what a great product June Jones has.   Let's face it, we have great fans, but simply not enough of them come out week in and week out to all of our sporting events.

Like too many other cities, we love a winner, a big winner, in any sport, and short of that, a lot of so-called fans simply don't see the need to get involved; it's just not that big a deal for a lot of people until it's almost too late. Sad, but true; and that's the facts, jack, not pay-per-view or weather or parking issues. Think about it...